Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Now that i'm getting the hang of this 'blogger trend'... all i need is some followers and insight. sooo.....if anybody is out there, help a sista out!!!! leave a comment, show some love, whatever!

okay, now on to the serious business. my birthday is in approx. 14 days & i go on a cruise with the hunnie in like 17 days, not to mention his birthday is like 9 days away... oh em gee.

Btw;; i really NEED to get him a gift;; i dkn what tho.... ughhhhhhh :/ smgdh! and time is ticking away. ne ideas?

21? like i cant believe it. I thought 18 was legit, but like damn! 21?!?!!? heck, i still look like im like 17. [[no pun intended]]--with age, comes more responsibility. damn. and more financial ties.

btw;; i still owe BOA. need to get that taken care of. asap.

im not really excited;; i feel that time is going wayyyy to fast;; a life is flashing by my eyes, way too soon. so much on my mind, i can barely contain it.

Looking forward to this cruise to the BAHAMAS... really hoping that i have the time of my life. really hope there isnt any drama. hell really hope i dont get stuck there or kidnapped from some islander... but then again, the boytoy is crazy. so the likelihood of that happening is like slim to zero

okay, enough about me, i def need to use this blog for the sake of others. i need to make my blog be beneficial is someone's life, one way or another.

kinda glad i started writing again;; feels good (smiley face)

So after my cruise;; i feel like reality is gonna bite me in the ass. this semester taking all of my hard classes... booooo!!!! and its make it or break it.. and i have to get my grades and gpa so that i can accomplish some more great goals next year [[[madddd subliminal]]] seriously.

life is like a box of chocolates... but id prefer mike and ikes lol

Random. Dueces.



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