Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Its MY LIFE- Remember that when you talk about it. . .

It's been a minute since i've blogged. . but i truly believe the best material is the most random . . . so here goes nothing!

I stole this quote from a friend, but I can definitely relate. I encountered a situation the other day where some church members felt compelled to enlighten my guardians at church about MY personal life. . mind you haven't been to my home church in about two years AND let's not forget i've been " GROWN & ON MY OWN" so to speak. So they get to telling my family about what they saw on facebook. . . which really makes me believe I'm going to have to start monitoring who I add. . .and who I associate with. I use to not want to believe I had haters, but CLEARLY there are people on my friends list that have other motives. They felt the need to tell my family what goes on in MY HOUSE hold. . last time I checked I was 21 + so <----- BURR!#wheretheydothatat #fail LBS! It just goes to show that people really are nosy and have NO LIFE. I mean I never report what is going on in others personal life, because FRANKLY ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

Maybe I've been a little shallow, a tad bit naive, but i just refuse to believe people are that interested in me that they have to report and "go tell" what they saw on a social networking site. Well,

Nevertheless, I have NOTHING to be ashamed of. I don't have anything demeaning to my character on facebook and no pictures or videos that would cast me in a negative light. . .

and IF I DID. . . SO what EFF IT! it's MY LIFE . So remember that when you talk about it!

Aside from that. People I guess are still adjusting to my new "lifestyle". But I'm quite comfortable & content with the way things are going if I do say so myself, I mean I know it shouldn't matter what people think or say about you,

but really, I'm sensitive. I care. Maybe too much. But the fact of the matter is I'm defeating all odds. People were expecting me to fail, us to fail . . . and for my life to pretty much shamble.

But its actually quite the contrary. . .

My life is wonderful. I'm blessed and I can not THANK GOD enough for all he has done! Don't get me wrong every day isn't paradise, but I've learned in this short amount of time, you have to take the good with the bad, and definitely pick and chose your battles.

But I'm getting goals accomplished, and If no one ever gives me a high five or a pat on the back, I really am proud of myself. My grades this semester are the best they've ever been, I went from not having a job to getting two internships and a job. . both PAID. I went from not knowing anyone in this wretched city of Valdosta, to really meeting some down-to-earth people. I worked almost full time this semester, and had a full course load of 18 hours. . and still managed enough credits to graduate a semester early if I wanted to do. I don't mean to brag. . .

but I got a lot to boast about.

So the naysayers can doubt all they want,

don't [Forget]

-its MY LIFE,

so remember that when you talk about it!

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